Barbara Moe

3 Condolences

3 Condolences

  1. Barbara Moe was a saint. She loved her family, her church, and her neighbors. She loved everyone, unconditionally. She gave every person she knew the benefit of the doubt, and never said an unkind word about anyone.

    I first met her almost 10 years ago because I was and still am dating her son David. I lost my very cheap and affordable home suddenly, and I was terrified. She took me in, and made me a part of her family. She encouraged and supported me when I went back to college and changed my career mid-life. If it weren’t for her support and generosity (and her husband’s! ) I would have never been able to afford college, and I would not have the career I love so much now. She ooed and aahhed at the thrift store clothes I bought to start my new career. She taught me how to get the stains out of them. She loved to cook elaborate home-cooked meals and taught me how to bake cookies, pies, and pastries. She helped us potty train the grandkids. She was home when her grandkids came home from school, while we were at work, and she helped them with their homework and kept track of all of their school activities and deadlines. She also got them off to school in the morning, and the last thing she would do before they walked out the door was check their fingernails to see if they were clean, which I found amusing, that’s something I would never have thought to do. Today’s kids have it so easy, I doubt many get dirt under their nails. But I bet she got plenty of dirt under her nails growing up.

    We found a diary she kept in high school a couple of days ago, and I read it. I never knew she wanted to go to college, and was taking office administration classes, like shorthand. She never once mentioned that to me when we discussed my college stuff. I saw her report cards, and she made mostly As. She never mentioned that either. I don’t know why she never went to college, but I do know she never seemed to have any regrets about being a Navy wife.

    She also wrote about how she had a job, and she pooled money with her mother to buy her father a pair of socks for his birthday. A pair of socks! And he loved them.

    She wrote about how much she loved her mother and sister and brother and father. She had a hard life but never wrote a bad word about anyone or about her life struggles. She just took her struggles in stride, with the most positive attitude.

    Barbara’s health started declining not long after I met her. I was so happy to read her diary, it is wonderful to know how she was as a healthy young woman who saw the world full of potential. Even after her health issues started, she did as much as she could to take care of her family and others.

    I am grateful for my connection to a life that was lived with grace, integrity, and humility. And I remember Barbara– with love.

  2. I am signing this on behalf of my friend who was Barbara’s roommate. Her name is Colleen and she wants the family to know that she’s sorry she didn’t get to see you but her thoughts and prayers have been with you. She and Barbara enjoyed ordering Chinese take out and other things. Colleen called me crying when she heard about Barbara and I know she feels she lost a friend. May God bless and comfort all of you.

  3. The Bible gives us the wonderful prospect of seeing our loved ones again on a paradise earth. At Psalms 37:9-11 & 29, it gives us the hope of living forever on a paradise earth. It will be a time when Isaiah 33:24 will take place and “no resident will say ‘I am sick.” On this paradise earth, Rev. 21:4 promises us that “death will be no more.” I know this may not relieve your deep grief at this time, but please take faith in God’s promises.


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