Mercy Kichman

3 Condolences

3 Condolences

  1. Ricky and Linda,
    Condolances from Belle and me. Why didn’t you notify us? Also
    didn’t you know my Dad had prepurchased a plot beside him
    for Mercy? They were going to RIP beside each other. If you
    kept any of my Father or Grandmorher’s property, please let me
    know as I never had time to go through Grandma Mary’s things
    in the basement and would like to have her things for family
    memories. Since all my Dad’s and G-ma’s things have nothing to do
    with your family, would appreciate it if you would
    give us his and my Grandmother’s property.
    It’s up to you as I have no legal claim but as a Christian and Shipmate, would hope
    you will do the right thing. You met us and know it’s not about $, we’re not money faces
    like Rosewine and some ofher type. You and Linda seemed nice. So you already got the
    house my father paid for, at least you could keep his things so we have sonething to pass to our children and grandchildren.
    You can call us at (813) 401-9659 to discuss.
    Again sorry to learn of your Mother’s passing.
    Mark & Belle Kichman

  2. Condolances on the 1st Anniversary of your Mother’s passing. May she rest in peace.
    Ricky, If you find it in your heart to do something for me, I would be extreemly grateful Shipmate.
    I never had the time when we came up for my Dad’s funeral to go through my Grandmother’s things she left Dad that were in the basement and was only able to take a few pictures and mementos. As you know, us career Sailors tend to loose things over the years due to so many moves so I have very few family mementos. So if you kept all my Grandmother’s and Father’s personal property, I’d like ypu to send to me. Specifically the coin collection my Grandmother was leaving for Dad to share btwn my siblings but due to his dementia he forgot. Also any small things from Dad and Grandma that have sentimental value would be grately appreciated. If you have the integrity to do this, please tell me shipping costs and I’ll send check for postage. Again, condolances and I pray you do the right thing. God Bless, Mark & Belinda Kichman,

  3. Darlene Houseal and I have been searching for information about Mercy for the past several years
    We just found her obituary.
    Please accept our condolences on your loss.
    Darlene and I use to drive to Hbg. & pick Mercy up to go out to lunch and dinner occasionally. Suddenly the phone just rang and rang and the house was deserted. No one seemed to know what had happened to Mercy. It was as if she just disappeared.
    We knew she had a heart condition and was not well but we both kept in touch with her both while Jerry was living and after his death.
    We even called St.Catherine of Laboure Church and PPL. Unfortunately, due to HIPPA laws no one would share an address with us.
    Mercy always told us she wanted to return to the Philippines and invited Darlene to come to visit her.
    We knew you lived in Virginia Beach but unfortunately, neither of us remembered your last name. I met you at Jerry’s funeral viewing. Jerry and I were also co-workers at PP&L.
    Jerry worked with Darlene’s husband Bill on my husband Charlie’s crew at PP&L and we were all friends.
    It was totally out of character for Mercy to not keep in touch and with us.
    Darlene and I are both saddened and hurt to have been denied additional years of Mercy’s friendship.
    I hope she was happy living with you in Virginia.


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