Richard Landis

2 Condolences

2 Condolences

  1. you were the love of my life, you know i never cared about money. you were my best friend and confindant. i gave you anything i had. miss you and love you to this day. i am not getting in the car with you anymore. Miss your smile, your personality. there will be nothing like you again. as they say you broke the mold. as they say life goes on. miss you baby. again all my heart to you. Mike

  2. Dad,

    Man would you be infuriated if you were here and witnessed some of the vengeful crap that “the Perfect Child” of the family has thrown at me since you and mom have been gone.
    Tellin me you had a conversation with them about me callin you “an abomination & you’d burn in h e double hockey sticks” in some email (That get this dad takes a “special computer that Kim & Pat have packed away in order to access the email to show anyone.”) They don’t realize your true one and only daughter in-law saw right thru that BS. Cause she’s slow (4 tbi’s), but not retarded like Kim & Pat figured her to be. Which would explain them trying to pull that crap.
    You & I both now it was a letter @ 16 I wrote, and instead of writing it and throwing it away like I do now (that I’m all grown up). I sent it to you along with 2 others as we were pen-pals. I’m sry dad I wrote that stuff to you, but you let me down as a 14yr old.

    We had our conversations about salvation and sin being just that SIN in God’s eyes. We also had talks about needing to be washed in the blood of the lamb (Jesus) in order to enter his fathers house John 14:6-7. An we also had talks about sinners going to heaven everyday so we’ll both be there with Charles.

    I know you were saved and I know I’m saved, but dad Kim’s spiritually sick, broken, confused and lost; it shows in her way of doing things (lying to my girl and her gay friend about me being a bigot, or that charlie offered me a ride to see My dying mother and i told him I didn’t have time) an her being mad (that Brad Gardner wanted Becky’s nummies instead of Kim’s anymore since she was married and sleeping around which you prolly didn’t know, that your daughter was a lil hoe. Or that your Son in-law was doing Drakes mom, which explains the abuse Drake suffered at the hands of Kim particularly.) at Becky and switching around the truth I told them about me relapsing and Becky finding my stash; and that being how Becky knew about my use. An why she was rdy to get away from me. Instead of them doing right by truth so Becky saw I was really sry and rdy to get help. No they decided to tell Becky a lie about her and claimed I said it. Again why my girl might be a lil slow at times; shes not retarded so she saw right thru Kim & Pat. Only thing is her friend Beth couldn’t see past any of it and bought it all hook, line and sinker. Imagine how much you find out about people when they down you or try to mess your life up; and you’re talking to people who know them all to well. You start to learn things you never knew and you start to see why Drake (who told me he was abused) got the crap upbringing that he did.

    Kim & Pat were only interested in the money anyway not in Drakes best interest huh $75,360 were enough reasons right. To think that Charles trusted them with his son, dad they’ll face final judgement for that and answer God when asked Why. Don’t worry though Charles saw it all fro above with shame and disgust on them. You find interesting info that makes them no better, but worse for passing judgement on me; cause they’re jealous over Becky and Me reuniting.

    An see I picked this place to post public without a care in the world about them or their business or the dam feelings for that matter. They had conversations about me without me there to defend or explain or call them out on their lies, which is why they did it without me (lies lies lies). An they knew they wouldn’t be able to lie.

    Anyway dad I really wish you were here I miss your talks with tough love, but at least it was love from you. I just wish we’d of gotten along better as a child. Well dad nice talking to you. I think I got all my stuff out on here and I’m gonna post it not delete it.

    I’ve decided that can’t nobody whoop me. My hands and whatever is in them at the time do the backing up of my talking truth…. “An the truth will always be the truth no matter who believes it.” Don’t worry they’ve cost me over $713.00 from their lies to Beth who had our car towed because my name was on it and Kim made me to be a bigot, while trying to make Becky out to be some drug addict. So I’m not stopping here, nope I’m gonna sue Them both for wrongfully telling Becky & Beth malicious lies about me and pulling my character into question. I think they call that defamation of character and not just Freedom of speech.

    So I’m going after them publicly and internet wise, because they can’t whoop me. No man or woman (besides Becky) can whoop me so I am free to speak the truth sucks for them right. I love you dad and kiss Charles & mom for me.

    love Chris


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