Robert Henchey

6 Condolences

6 Condolences

  1. Dickie was a dear friend that loved to hunt and fish. Even though he never had much, he often valued little things that we often took for granted. I’ll never forget the day I took him shopping for a present for my Dad. He was more excited about giving than getting. May God’s mercy and Grace be with him and his maybe he’s sitting in the woods of heaven right now talking to Christ while looking for that big buck!

  2. Miss you Brother.. Errrr

    Dickie had so many wonderful friends.. He and I considered ourselves brothers. We ment playing in the sandbox at Baylake Pines Private school at the age of 5. That was 57 years ago. “Harry” is in a better place now. I will always Love you Brother.. I just know he has his own new fishing rod and deer stand in Heaven.

  3. Sit out under the sky.

    Because some of the best times of my life were deer, turkey and duck hunting with Dickie, as well as fishing, crabbing, oystering, clamming and trapping. Just walking to Willie’s to set a minnow trap or taking the dogs to Crab Creek for a swim made a good day better.

    To remember him, just go outside. Watch what is going on–the birds, crows, squirrels, rabbits–whatever moves. Check the moon phases, the tides, the weather patterns, what is blooming or ripening in the garden, especially vegetables. He knew about it all. He loved the woods, the river and the Bay, and was more a part of the Earth and more connected to it than anyone I knew, except maybe my grandpa and aunt, who ran hunt clubs down the beach. I have that gene, too, and rather be with nature than inside.

    Our Dickie never met a stranger; he pretty much never let anyone that needed help pass by unaided, and he made so strong an impression no one ever forgot him, and he will be missed.

    He will be missed every day for the rest of our lives.

    He will be missed till the last person that knew him dies.

    And wherever men go, following his footsteps, communing with nature in any way, his spirit will be there. He will be there.

    Good hunting!

  4. I was very sad to here the news of Dickie ,passing away. He is in a better place and pain free. I hope the hunting is great and the fish are biting.

  5. Gone but never forgotten… love and miss you…

  6. Here is the poem read at the memotial.


    I’m just an old has-been decoy
    No ribbons I have won.
    My sides and head are full of shot
    From many a blazing gun.
    My home has been the river
    Just drifting with the tide.
    No roof have I had for a shelter,
    No one place where I could abide.
    I’ve rocked to winter’s wild fury,
    I’ve scorched in the heat of the sun.
    I’ve drifted and drifted and drifted,
    For tides never cease to run.
    I was picked up by some fool collector,
    Who put me up here on a shelf.
    But my place is out on the river
    Where I can drift all by myself.
    I want to go back to the shoreline
    Where flying clouds hang thick and low.
    And get the soft touch of the raindrops,
    And the velvety touch of the snow.

    by Steve Ward


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