Stephen Wilcox

21 Condolences

21 Condolences

  1. “Chief” Steve was my first LPO at my first assignement on Woody Woo. His leadership and patient guidance was instrumental in my reenlistment. We have missed him over the years.

  2. Chief was more than my first division leader. He was the first 24/7 male role model of a positive nature. He was my Mentor.

    Steve taught the importance of working hard, of doing the job right the first time, and especially of not limiting the work to a job description. Under his leadership, we were the Can-Do Division, willing and ready to do anything above and beyond our calling.

    It’s been 25 years since I left the Navy, and since I last saw Chief Wilcox. I’ve carried this can-do attitude with me everywhere I’ve worked since. I have tried my best to work hard, do it right, and to do what was necessary to satisfy my customers (even if it wasn’t “my job”). I have tried to be a postivie influence on the men that worked for me. And, I’ve tried to instill these work ethics into my five children.

    I won’t miss Chief, because he has never left me. He has always been here in my heart guiding my decisions, making me a better man. I will always remember him and hope that my actions honor his memory.


  3. So sorry for your loss. Much love from Tidewater Coffee.

  4. An amazing man! They say that the stars in the sky are our loved ones shining down to show their happiness. Steve will be the brightest among them. God bless to you and your family.

  5. God broke the mold after he created Dad. He was the greatest man that I have ever known. He was a devoted, loving and nurturing husband, father, grampy and friend. He was a brilliant thinker and he had a razor sharp sense of humor. He taught my sister and I to be free thinkers, problem solvers and to believe in ourselves. He taught us to be color blind and to never judge others based on their race, religion, economic or social status. He was a tough nut to crack, but once you earned your way inside you had a friend for life. He was a man of his word and never wavered. I am not sure if there was a single shade of gray in his eyes because Dad always did the right thing. He was by the book which made our build/design projects interesting to say the least. Without a well designed plan that he could execute he might as well have been lost in a foreign city with no map. I heard he may have been inebriated one time, but he was barely over the legal limit from what I’m told. He always demanded respect, and gave respect equally in return. He was a thrill seeker and I will never forget some of the amazing hurricane surf sessions we had together along with all of his surf stories from California. We took countless trips to Hatteras together and he always let me catch “just one more wave” without a single complaint. I will always cherish our time we spent on the golf course. I will never forget when he called me an idiot for stopping to call him on the 18th tee box when I only needed a par to shoot a 79 for the first time…thank God I got the par! He never made me feel bad or said “I told you so” when I put my brand new truck in a ditch while heading to the mountain on a snowy Christmas day. He never gave up on learning to ride even though his first few experiences on the mountain were less than pleasurable. Dad was always determined and with his never say die attitude mastered the double diamond slope at Whitetail. Dad was my first and only hero. Watching his fight with cancer was like the first time a boy sees Superman succumb to kryptonite. Now his fight his over but his legacy lives on through his family and friends. My dad is a saint and will always be my hero and my superman. I love you Pops and you will be deeply missed.

  6. Words cannot express what a wonderful man Steve was. When Walter & I moved to the neighborhood, Steve and Penny were about the first couple we connected with. When they became your friends, they truly loved you and always made you feel welcome in their home. Steve taught Walter how to do some woodworking, and they both spent many a weekend diligently making their yards look like a gold course!!
    Steve was a great person, a great husband, a great father, and a great friend.
    We will miss you terribly.
    Thanks for all the wonderful memories.
    Our love to Penny, Stevie, and Susie.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  7. I am so proud to call Steve my brother in law. His devotion for his family was unwavering and his love for them unconditional. They are all GREAT people because of Steve’s influence. Every family should be as lucky as Steve’s family. I am going to miss golfing with you, riding bikes with you and sharing our love for photography.
    I miss you and love you.

  8. Steve has been my brother-in-law (brother) for the past 35 years. As an only child I never had any siblings until the day I got married. Steve filled the role of the big brother I never had. He was always an example of how to be a great husband, father and Grampy. Steve was the peacemaker, always trying to come up with ways to keep our family communicating, thus the family Nascar pool. Steve worked tirelessly as our staticitian week in and week out always providing interesting banter and chatter. Steve was also my inspiration to take up a few wood working projects ie: a toy box for my Grandaughter. However I will never come close to his craftsmanship. And lastly Steve taught us all the importance of laughter, always knowing when and how to keep the moments light. Steve, thank you for being my brother and inspiration. I love you.

  9. I am Steve’s oldest, “little” sister. I can sum up Steve’s legacy with the song “He Ain’t Heavy He’s MY Brother”. The words to this song are the epitome of Steve’s life in how he dealt with everyone, from family and friends to strangers. I always respected his word, maybe not so much in my dating years, but looking back he always had my back.

    There was the time when he was carrying me on his shoulders, while he was roller skating; I was on his back then, but we took a tumble which led him to the dentist for several root canals and caps on his two front teeth.

    Steve thank you for all of the great times, sad times and memories that nobody can ever take from me. You were one of a kind and I am proud to say that I am your sister.


  10. Shipmate you shall be misssed physically on this earth but your friendship will last forever. May God Bless Penny, Stevie and Susan and especially the new love of your life Sierra. Save a seat in the mess for an old friend.

    Stu Morgan and Anne

  11. I knew Steve only for the briefest of time through work, but his infectious humor and happiness with life made a huge impact on me and my life. Fair winds and following seas, my friend.

    I send all my love to his wife, children, extended family and friends. He loved you very, very much.

  12. We have known Steve for about 8 years when he worked at First Colony Coffee. He would come to the Outer Banks to take care of our espresso machine. He and my husband talked exercise, golf and most importantly — family. Our hearts go out to you and your loss. Steve’s love of life was inspiring. He will be missed. Pamela & Sefton

  13. Steve was the most wonderful brother-in-law anyone could ask for. He and his wonderful wife Penny who I consider my sister always stood by me and were there for me. They loved me in knew that I love them. I miss Steve so much that it makes my heart hurt. I am grateful that he is no longer suffering and is at peace now. God bless Steve and his wife and children.

  14. Though we did not know Steve personally, our sister-in-law Terri spoke fondly of her brother and we wish the family peace and strength in the coming days. We love you, Terri and Tom. Sending our love…

  15. I was so sorry to hear about your dear husband Steve. Our family have you all in our prayers and thoughts during this sad time. Gods Blessings and Love, Nonie Swanson

  16. First of all I would like to say that I will miss you and your “larger than life” personality. I will always remember our families living together in San Diego(1975)and Goose Creek and then finally again in VA Beach thanks to Aunt Penny introducing me to Bobbie!! Very few people come into this world with the passion and drive that you possess. to complete everything correctly and as accurate as possible. That is evident with the furniture you have made. I am glad for the times together on the golf course and the lessons that you gave me. Thank you for taking on the “collateral duty” as Dad!!! With two Master Chiefs Wilcoxs in heaven we can all rest asure that things are in order. I will always keep you in my heart Uncle Steve.

  17. It was a pleasure and honor to know you. Not enough good things could be said about you that has not already been said. You will be greatly missed and always remembered.

    love, Levi

  18. My deepest sympathy to the Wilcox family for the loss of your loving husband/father/grandfather.

  19. For Penny – Janet and I feel the deepest sorrow and loss for the passing of Steve. He will be missed, but like you told me – he is in a much better place and is no longer in pain. Still, there is a space that cannot be filled and a very bright light that has gone out. In our family, the salutation of Aunt and Uncle are singularly reserved for only the closest and dearest friends. Our children (and grandchild) will always refer to you and Steve as Uncle Steve and Aunt Penny. They share the memories of fun at Mount Trashmore, feeding ducks and rolling in the mud (much to your chagrin). I remember that my family was taken in and watched over in my absence. That act speaks volumes to the great value of friendship.

    For Stevie and Susie – I can honestly say that no man other than my own father has had a greater influence in my life. My successes are directly connected to the lessons he taught me. I feel that you will find out in the coming days, weeks and months that there are many more people that share my assessment. He was a giant of man that cast a long shadow based on honesty and integrity. He was my mentor and my good friend and that is a station that will remain unfilled. Wealth of character is a trait that goes to core and soul of a man. Your father was truly a man of great character.

    :)Janet and I know he was a good listener and very few knew he was Janet’s boyfriend. I don’t think Hamburger Hamlet will ever be the same. I know our adventures in DC and on cruises have become legendary for the fun, friendship and one-liners. He was a man that literally walked a mile in my shoes and when asked “where’d you get them shoes- New Orleans?” Steve had his unique response and a smile only Steve could have since Janet and Penny had no idea what was going on. I have an endless cataloge of stories for those fun times together. Hot-tubing in the snow on the Outer Banks and Ruth’s Cris, the basis of Joe’s Big Meat. 🙂

    A man has passed -a husband, father, brother and friend.

    A gap, a space, a void is created that will remain unfilled in a revered and solemn way.

    He is gone and the world is less for it. The day is gray and the quietness both soothing and deafening.

    A man has passed, but his passing reveals memories. Good memories and laughs to share through the sorrow.

    Weep and grieve, but only for a time. Laugh and love, remember the life past with happy tears and a less-heavy but loving heart.

    Speak his name and remember his deeds well. He is gone and the world is less for it, but in remembering, it now seems a little less gray and in the quietness his laughter echoes.

  20. Penny, blessings and light are wished for you and your family during this time of loss and adjustment.
    ~Jennifer @ Capital

  21. dear family, i am so sorry to hear about steve. its been a long time since ive seen you all but i remember steve as a friendly boy and man. he reminded me of his dad, george. and looked like him too. God bless you all. love, aunt ann


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